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Dolle’s Candy! Brought to you by…

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Today we interviewed Jeff, who works in our fudge kitchen located right above the Cork Bar on Wicomico Street. Jeff makes all of the fudge, brittles, and all of the caramel products—all from scratch!

When did you begin working at Dolle’s?

I began working at Dolle’s in in 1984 and returned in 2012. This is my fifth season cooking fudge.”

Do you have any funny memories that you’d like to share?

“I remember that I first started in 1984 as a popcorn cook. My favorite memory is Bunky (Mr. Dolle)’s jokes, but there are so many that I couldn’t pick my favorite from the bunch.”

What is your favorite Dolle’s treat?

“I love the Vanilla Buttercreams.”

Is there something you like or know about Dolle’s that the public doesn’t know?

“Everything is really fresh, it’s made daily versus other candy stores.”

How has Dolle’s changed your life?

Every time I go on vacation I have to go into the local candy stores. I like checking out what they’re doing and tasting new flavors of fudge. I like to see if any of the flavors can be something we can create too-which is how the Vanilla/Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel was made!”

Wow! Thank you, Jeff, for being such an amazing candy chef and bringing new things to the table!

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Dolle’s Candy! Brought to you by…

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Today we interviewed Greg, who works in the taffy manufacturing building, “#9”, which is where we pull all of our delicious salt water taffy! Although we have added new flavors, we still pull our taffy the same way since 1910!

How long have you worked at Dolle’s?

I have worked at Dolle’s for five years now.”

What is your favorite memory from Dolle’s?

“When I first started, I loved cooking popcorn with Mr. Smith–who has worked at Dolle’s for over 28 years! I started pulling taffy during my third year, which is a hard job but very fun!”

What is your favorite Dolle’s treat?

I love chocolate covered rice crispie treats, or chocolate covered oreos, but there’s so much to choose!”

How has Dolle’s changed your life?

Since I’m surrounded by candy all day, it’s hard to smell the flavors of the taffy anymore!”

Thank you, Greg, for working so hard — you are an awesome maker of our classic salt water taffy!


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Dolle’s Candy! Brought to you by…

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Every day this week, we are going to introduce you to a different member of our wonderful staff!  In addition to our full time, year round staff,  Dolle’s is a proud sponsor to many international students who work throughout the summer season.

Today we interviewed Aoife from Ireland, who works in our popcorn stand, in addition to the inside candy shop, on the boards.

How long have you worked at Dolle’s?

Since the end of May and I leave America August 3rd”

What is your favorite memory from Dolle’s?

It was completely different from any other job I had worked before, on my first day I was thrown into it and I loved every hectic minute.”

What is your favorite Dolle’s treat?

Ooh, I love the Peanut Butter Buckeyes or Almond Buttercrunch, it’s so hard to choose.”

How has Dolle’s changed your life?

I don’t think I can eat the chocolates from home anymore, the chocolates here are so good I think I can only eat Dolle’s.” 

We will certainly be sad to see Aoife head home, but she certainly has made a positive imprint on many here at Dolle’s!


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Making Sea Glass Candy!

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This week at Dolle’s we made Sea Glass Candy for an order for SeaCrate Subscription Box Club ! The only ingredients that go into this gorgeous candy are sugar, corn syrup, and beautiful colors.  The mixture is cooked to 300 degrees, then poured to cool on a table. The fun part comes next after it cools, where the chef gets to smash the sea glass into small pieces. The candy is then rolled in powdered sugar to give the candy the look of having been tossed and turned in ocean’s waves!


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“Theme of the Week”! July 17th


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This “Theme of the Week” this week is Stick candy! This week we will feature our candies that are on a stick!

The other day our brave chocolatiers were working on our chocolate dipped rice crispie treats for a custom favor order, and we had to share with you guys the amazing things that happen in our chocolate room! This was for a wedding order; these delicious Milk Chocolate covered in white sprinkles delights are party favors for the lucky guests!

To order delightful treats like these for your special events, visit the store website or our store at Boardwalk Location,  67th St. Location, and our 120th St. Location!

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Lil’ Tub at the Ocean City, MD Boardwalk!


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Lil’ Tub enjoyed some fun in the warm weather this weekend by hitting the Ocean City, MD boardwalk! He stopped by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! You can experience three unique attractions including Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium (http://www.ripleys.com/oceancity/odditorium/), which Lil’ Tub is pictured outside of! His next stop was one of the fun, nostalgic boardwalk games that line the famous Ocean City boardwalk! Who doesn’t love to compete against the family in a silly water squirting or dart throwing game? His last stop was the terrifying Haunted House, a timeless attraction originally built in 1964 and expanded in 1988, this five-minute-long scare-fest offers ride-goers a glimpse into age-old horrors! Find out more about the Haunted House at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trimper%27s_Haunted_House.


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Theme of the Week! July 10th


The Theme of this Week is Gummies! These chewy classic candies are a notorious treat that delights everyone from young to old! Our gummies are one of the only candies we did not make ourselves. These gummy bears came from Albanese, the gummy plant here in the USA. They have been making some of the best gummies in the world for over thirty years! Their gummies are produced with only the highest quality ingredients sourced exclusively from American & European growers.

What’s your favorite Gummy treat? Let us know in the comments!

To pick up some of these delicious treats, visit the store website or our stores at Boardwalk Location,  67th St. Location, and our 120th St. Location!

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The Tasty Science of Chocolate Making


At any given day,  Dolle’s makes hundreds of pounds of taffy, popcorn, and chocolate treats. But the question is, how handmade are these delightful delectables? We went behind the scenes to show you the science of our Chocolate making–down to its basic ingredients!

Candy-making is a very science-oriented, delicate process.  Due to uncontrollable variables such as humidity or the temperature outside that day, each batch could be different despite using the same recipe. Creating the perfect batch requires paying attention to the weather’s effects on the candy, and adjusting accordingly. Should the candy cook for shorter or longer? Does the temperature have to be hotter or cooler?

All of our chocolate is “tempered”, or brought to the desired hardness or strength by heating and cooling, at exactly 89 degrees. Tempered chocolate creates the right color and allows for the right chemical reaction. This way, the candy hardens without losing its color or its sheen.


The cream inside is handmade, the recipe being mostly sugar and butter (but the rest is a secret) and cooled down to 100 degrees! Everything is brought down to the degree, as each degree matters for the right chemical reactions to occur for both the cream and chocolate. The cream is then beaten, then cooled further before being rolled into decadent centers.

creamballs.jpgThe centers are lightly rolled in melted chocolate before going under the “Hopper”, which looks like a chocolate waterfall, for an even coating of dark  or milk Chocolate. We hand-write the “B” for “Buttercream” on each buttercream made!

After going through the tunnel that cools the chocolate- as it immediately begins to harden- it is placed in paper cups and ready for enjoyment!

Cordial Cherries!

ccOur Cordials are made with Maraschino Cherries, dipped in cherry juice and a sugar coating then lovingly coated with decadent dark chocolate. Special enzymes break down the sugars inside the Cordial Cherries very quickly, turning the insides into a juicy cherry delight! After running through the “Hopper” twice to seal all the cherry goodness inside, they cool in the tunnel before being placed in paper cups. They are then stored for ten days before being completely ready for consumption! (the photo above is what the cordial cherries look like with the first coating of chocolate, the picture below is the finished product)




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Crabby Spice Chocolate Crabs!


Our next Red, White and Blue themed “Treat of the Week” is Crabby Spice Chocolate Crabs! These treats are award winning, being this year’s Best New Summer Product from Retails Confectioners International! Made by incorporating just the right amount of Old Bay spice to our delicious chocolate,  our Crabby Spice Chocolate Crabs are sure to delight! Available in decadent Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and White Chocolate, every bite is a surprising  burst of Maryland flavor!

To purchase this delicious treat, visit the store website or our stores at Boardwalk Location,  67th St. Location, and our 120th St. Location!

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Lil’ Tub visits Trimper’s Rides!

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Lil’ Tub had a blast at Trimper’s Rides today! He rode the smaller Carousel which was just right for his size! It’s always a trip down memory lane during a visit to Trimper’s, as it has kept the same amazing experiences since the 1890s! If you visit Ocean City, Maryland, everyone will always leave here with some great memories!

Visit us on Facebook for more about Dolle’s Candyland and the Boardwalk as Lil’ Tub’s adventures around!